Personalised Lenticular Photo Gifts

Personalised Lenticular Photo Gifts

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Business Card Samples

Size: 2 x 4

Price: £2.00 + £2.15 P&P

If you are ordering from overseas please email or talk to us now on "LIVE CHAT" first before placing your order as international shipping charges will apply.

Ordering Instructions

Please choose one and follow the simple instructions below... 

For 3D effect business cards.....upload 1 Hi Resolution image or 1 PNG and 1 background image if you have separate images..... Choose file image 1 or file image 2

For Morph effect business cards upload 2 completely different PNG or JPEG images..... Choose file image 1 and file image 2

For 2 image flip business cards upload 2 different Hi resolution PNG or JPEG images ..... Choose file image 1 and file image 2

For Animation business cards upload an animated gif with up to 12 frames..... Choose file image 1

For Zoom business cards upload 1 PNG image and 1 JPEG background image..... Choose file image 1 and file image 2

Please make sure the images or animated gif you upload are high resolution for us to produce the best results when printing. Business card sizes are actually 3.5x2 inches and not 2x4 inches as specified above

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