Personalised Lenticular Photo Gifts

Personalised Lenticular Photo Gifts

3D Lenticular Business Cards

Looking for the business card that will make your business impossible to forget?. Our lenticular business cards are the perfect material for you to use if you want to make a serious statement about advertising your business. All our 3D lenticular business cards come with black and white duplex print (No back lamination).


Standard Rectangle Business Cards

QTY: 1 - 500 cards  £1.00 each
QTY: 550 - 1000 cards  90p each
QTY: 1050 - 3000 cards  80p each
QTY: 3050 - 5000 cards  70p each


Rounded Corner Business Cards


There is a minimum order on rounded corner cards as these have to be sent to be cut using a die cutting machine
QTY: 500 cards  £1.30 each
QTY: 550 - 1000 cards  £1.20 each
QTY: 1050 - 3000 cards  £1 each
QTY: 3050 - 5000 cards  90p each  

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Postage and Delivery Time

We have a standard charge of £25 Royal mail special delivery next day guaranteed delivery service on orders up to 500 business cards. Production time is 7-10 working days turnaround excluding delivery (EXCLUDING WEEKENDS)


  • Duplex black and white print. This standard black and white print is FREE with all business card orders
  • Duplex colour print. If you require color print please let us know when you order as it will incur an extra charge of £10 - £50 (up to 1000 cards).
  • Double sided gloss finish. This finish is also available on request at an additional set cost of £15 - £50 (up to 1000 cards).


Sample Business Cards

YES we do produce sample cards but we do not send out free sample lenticular business cards, however if you require a sample of your own 3D business card you can upload your own artwork and we will produce a sample or samples so you can see exactly what they will look for whe  you decide to purchace a bulk order. CLICK HERE


Business Card Requirements

2 Image Flip business card require:

  •  2 different images.

3D effect business card require:

  •  Background image
  •  Your business logo in PNG format
  •  A PNG image you wish to have in 3D.

Zoom business card require:

  •  Background image
  •  Png image to zoom

Animation business card require:

  •  A short GIF animation


Business card Sample / Starter Pack

We offer a sample/starter pack of Lenticular business cards for those who want to sample the benefits of these unique cards as a starter.
Sample pack's also come with duplex printing (Your info on the back of card)

30 Business cards for £25 Either flip or 3D Plus £9.75 P+P  CLICK HERE



Business Branding Starter Pack

You want to grow your business? Want to brand yourself and make a statement when dealing with potential customers? Then Brand your business with a branded (3D, or 2 Image Flip) iphone 4/5/5s and Samsung 4S cover and a set of 50 branded personalised Lenticular business cards (Choose Any Type of Card Style) for ONLY £50 Plus £15 P+P Contact us NOW

             3D Branded Phone Cover                                           2 Image Flip Branded Business Card



Business Card Design Service

We also offer a Lenticular business card design service, so if you are stuck with your design or simply just don't have the time to design one for yourself we can take the pressure off you with our personalized design service.

We use 40, 50, 60, 62 and 72 LPI (lenticular per inch) PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) plastic high quality lenticular lens) (and when using the most approriate lens it will give more depth to the 3D business card) to produce our business cards. Our business cards can be produced in both Horizontal or vertical  orientation depending on the best result given.

We don't use templates so every card we design will be designed professionally and designed by a professional designer. We will design up to three different cards for you to choose from. Designs usually take up to 48 - 72 hours, we will then send you the proofs via your given email address for your approval. After confirmation we will start production, we will send the finished products to you by 1st class next day recorded delivery. Email Us Now

£200 for Personalized designed business Card Service       


What are the Benefits of using TwenT3 lenticular business cards?

  • They capture the viewer's attention!

  • They are perfect products for promoting your business.

  • You will reach a much larger audience.

  • Greater ad retention.

  • Lenticular /business cards are viewed more frequently than other forms of printing.

  • You WILL get attention when you use Twent3 lenticular Business cards


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                                                                                 lenticular business card


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Excludes samples and branding and starter package customers



3D Effect Business Cards                                     

3D Effect - Lenticular images can be designed into 3D Lenticular effect using 3D images utilize the Parallax theory. Our brain compares the different views from our right and left eyes, processes the data, and creates what we see as a three dimensional world, with an eye-catching 3D effect image that can be viewed without the use of special glasses.




      Flip Business Cards

Flip - is an effect used to show from 2-4 images in one space. Although the most basic out of all the lenticular effects, flips can also be the most dramatic! Selling multiple products, make the piece say more or simply induce a second look to your image. We only use the basic "flip" as using more takes away from the effectiveness of just having 2 images on 1 lenticular business card




Zoom Effect Business Cards

Zoom – Is based on a single photographic image. Using a single word, png image or perhaps a logo it will give you the effect of the object going back and forth. The lenticular images appear to go back and forth at the viewer by combining multiple sizes of the same image and merging them quickly together. Lenticular zooms are extremely effective for logo recognition and elements you want to put emphasis on.




  Animated Business Cards

Animation - We use up to 12 frames to create amazing lenticular animation effects that totally fool the human eyes. Perfect for hand drawn images, TV cartoon sequences or even computer generated sequences.We can use video material or simulation by interlacing the required number of images, the result is realistic fluid motion of an object.


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